Additional Resources on Voter ID and the proposed amendment


What the amendment means: 

Easy to follow chart, LWV Minnesota

video clip, Minnesota Public Radio


Overall View of Voter ID:

Get the Facts: Debunking Myths about Voter photo-ID, LWV Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions on photo ID, LWV Minnesota

Protecting Voter Rights, LWV Minnesota

Voter ID, Brennan Center for Justice 


The Cost of Photo ID Laws:

The Cost of Minnesota's Proposed Elections Amendment, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota

Concerns Raised over Voter I.D. Amendment in Cass County, Brainerd Dispatch

Voter ID Expected to Cost Ramsey County Millions, Pioneer Press

Voter ID would Cost County, Cities Thousands, Minnetonka Patch

The High Cost of Voter ID Mandates, CommonCause Minnesota and Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota

The Cost of Voter ID Laws: What the Courts Say, Brennan Center for Justice


How Voter ID Creates Barriers for Eligible Individuals:

The Challenge of Obtaining Voter Identification, Brennan Center for Justice

Voter Photo ID Exemptions in Other States, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota

Citizens Without Proof, Brennan Center for Justice

Map- Estimated Numbers of Registered MN Voters Lacking Current Photo ID, Minnesota Council of Non-profits

Voting Law Changes in 2012, Brennan Center for Justice

Can We Still Vote?, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)


The Myth of Voter Impersonation and the Absence of Illegalities in Minnesota's Election System:

Safeguards in Minnesota's Election System, FACT SHEET, Minnesota Secretary of State

New Analysis Shows Voter Impersonation is a Rarity, Pioneer Press

Statement of Hennepin County Attorney's Office regarding false allegations of fraud, Aug, 8, 2012

Beth Fraser on Minnesota Election Safeguards - VIDEO, Minnesota Secretary of State


Facts About Ineligible Voting and Voter Fraud in Minnesota, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota


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