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 ♦ Spotlighted Member: Judy Stuthman 


 Immigration beat: Volunteer honored  for helping new citizens register to vote  


            Article by: Mila Koumpilova

                           Star Tribune 


 ♦ How One League Member helped Register Over 62,000 New Citizens to Vote 


 Article by: Renee Davidson, LWVUS 




                  AWARD-WINNING- LWV MINNESOTA                        

                  Judy Stuthman  Sherri Knuth Stacy Dopener-Hove  

 National Secretary of State Association Medallion  Hubert H. Humphrey Public Leadership Award   Politics in Minnesota Unsung Hero   Raised the Wage Award 



Join our WebCorps: A Voting Rights Online Project

Are you passionate about voting rights?  Do you have a computer?  Then you would be great for Voting Rights WebCorps, a group that will help create LWV Minnesota's new educational website, The Continuous Fight for Voting Rights. 



Campaign Finance Report from LWV Minnesota

                                                   money stacks

How have Minnesota elections been affected by the 2010 Citizens United decision?  
Find out in The Tip of the Iceberg: How Minnesota's Campaign Finance Laws Limit Transparency.
Click Here For more info on the campaign finance work of LWV Minnesota.  





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