Voter Restriction Amendment

Costly and Complicated, with Serious Unexpected Consequences 

Three Main Ways the Amendment Would

Change Our Elections Process:



Three Reasons LWV opposes the amendment (click here for more information)


  • It would create hurdles for eligible voters.

  • It is unnecessary.

  • It is a costly, unfunded government mandate.


Click for a printable chart that explains how the "Voter ID" amendment would change elections. 

Read actual language of the legislative bill here. 


View LWV's video or out takes on the barriers created by a photo ID requirement.

(Closed caption option available on the full video.)


Nov. 6, 2012                             

Election Day. The proposed amendment may be on the ballot, unless LWV MN's lawsuit challenging the language prevails.  

 If the constitutional amendment passes:  


Jan.–May 2013

The MN legislature will have to pass a bill that implements the exact details of the amendment. The governor will be able to sign or veto the bill.


June-Nov. 2013

Education of voters regarding the new requirements to enable as many voters as possible to get the correct IDs prior to the November election.


July 1, 2013

Presumed date when free IDs would become available to applicants.


Nov. 5, 2013

Election Day and effective date of new requirements.



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