Determining electoral districts every ten years


Redistricting Maps effective 2012. These interactive maps feature district lookup by address, district demographics, statewide demographics, and overlay with other districts.  

A critical process for our democracy

Redistricting is the process by which new district lines are drawn based upon how many congressional seats each state has been apportioned following a census. Redistricting has been troubled historically, mainly by a process of drawing the lines to favor a particular group in a process called gerrymandering. Each state, including Minnesota, decides the way in which redistricting occurs for that state as long as it adheres to national redistricting law.

Learn about the work of the Minnesota Democracy Network  with the Draw the Line Campaign.

LWV Minnesota, with the Midwest Democracy Network Partners, is planning redistricting reform efforts throughout the country and state. If you are interested in assisting or finding out how redistricting impacts your community, contact us.
What can I do to ensure a fair, nonpartisan redistricting of my congressional, state legislature and local districts?

Learn about redistricting & the redistricting process in Minnesota through the Minnesota State Legislature

Contact LWV Minnesota to see what the redistricting process will look like in your community.  LWV Minnesota has detailed information to assist in your redistricting planning.

Play Redistricting-The Game! to learn more about the process


Key Redistricting Dates

 April 1, 2010
Census Day

December 31, 2010
State population reported to President
Congressional seats reapportioned

January-March 2011
Redistricting begins

February 21, 2012
Legislative and congressional redistricting complete

May 6, 2012
Candidates must establish residence in legislative district  

November 6, 2012
General election with new districts

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