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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Convention Schedule for Saturday, April 29, 2017. Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave South, Bloomington, MN.

8:15 am  Registration [coffee and pastries available]


  1. Call to Order/ Welcome 
  2. Credentials Report / Adoption of Standing Rules/Adoption of Agenda 
  3. President's Report, Terry Kalil
  4. Report of the Bylaws Committee & Vote, Miriam Simmons 
  5. Report of Nominating Committee & Election of Officers, Florence Hedeen 
  6. Presentation of Program/Non-recommended items, Deb Price 
  7. Q&A with the Board of Directors

10:30 am  Break

10:45 am  Finance Report, FY17 Results, Proposed FY18 and FY19 Budget, Susan Clark
                Strategic Plan, Liz Lauder, Jeorgette Knoll

12:00 pm  Lunch 
Welcome by Dr. Joyce Ester, President, Normandale Community College 
Parade of LWVs 

1:00 pm  Awards Presentation: Hope Washburn & Peggy Thompson Awards

1:30 pm  Speaker – Mindy Greiling, LWV Roseville Advocacy Director 


  1. Credentials Report 
  2. Debate and Vote on Program [Vote on non-recommended item(s)], Deb Price  
  3. Debate and Vote on the Proposed PMP in FY19, Susan Clark
  4. Debate and Vote on the Proposed FY18 and FY19 Budget, Susan Clark 

3:00 pm  Break

3:15 pm MEETING continues

  1. Directors Report
  2. Direction to the Board 
  3. Announcements & Meeting Adjournment

4:30 pm  Meeting of the New Board