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Brooklyn Park, Osseo, Maple Grove

The Brooklyn Park, Osseo, Maple Grove LWV represents a community of generational, economic and ethnic diversity. We are excited that our membership includes this diversity. We are a small local league and growing and we look forward to increased diversity as our membership grows. Our league members participate in  West Metro League and CMAL meetings.  Locally we co-sponsor many community forums with Think Again Brooklyns . We are most proud of our active involvement in candidate forums and voter registration activities. 

Officers and Board of Directors


  • Co-President - Elenore Johnsom
  • Co-President - Kirsten Kjome 
  • Secretary - Cori Fischer
  • Treasurer - Rebecca Dougherty
  • Communications - Dee Ann Christensen


    • Brooklyn Center
    • Brooklyn Park
    • Osseo
    • Maple Grove


Event Calendar