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Guiding Principles for the 2016 Legislative Session

Guiding Principles for the 2016 Legislative Session

The founding documents of our nation and the Minnesota Constitution establish enduring principles; chief among them are a representative government and the right to vote. As a leading democracy, our nation should keep our election system fair and equally accessible to all citizens.

League of Women Voters Minnesota members volunteer countless hours to assist voters across our state. We provide timely information to Minnesota voters on how to register and where to vote. Local LWVs hold candidate forums in which candidates directly speak to the voters.

At the legislative level, LWV Minnesota’s priorities for the 2016 session are protecting and improving voting rights and Minnesota’s election system.  

To modernize access to the ballot box, we support:

Restoration of voting rights: Allow citizens living in the community on probation or parole to vote.

Early Voting: Expand in-person early voting so a person can cast their ballot prior to Election Day and have it counted immediately.

To improve election integrity, we support:

Maintain transparency in campaign funding: The Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board should be adequately funded.

Require disclosure of “electioneering communications”: Close the loophole that allows independent groups to easily sidestep disclosure requirements. We should know who is paying for these campaign ads.