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Statehood for The District of Columbia

The 670,000+ people who live in the District of Columbia have no vote in either the House or the Senate.  Your Senators and Congressman, along with the other members of Congress, have the power to remedy this hole in our democracy.  But, many, many people in this country do not know that DC has no vote in Congress and do not understand the implications of this fact. The Distict of Columbia has more population than the states of Vermont or Wyoming, yet no voting rights in Congress. 

League of Women Voters Minnesota joins ACLU-MN’s Supreme Court brief in State Auditor case

League of Women Voters Minnesota joins ACLU-MN’s Supreme Court brief in State Auditor case


September 15, 2017


Michelle Witte, LWV Minnesota

          [email protected] 651-402-3184 cell or 651-224-5445 ext. 231

Jana Kooren, ACLU of Minnesota

          [email protected] 651-485-5925 cell or 651-529-1693


LWV Minneapolis is a diverse local chapter with a strong history of community leadership and voter engagement. Our board includes LWV members who have been active for decades as well as young professionals looking to get involved in voter service for the first time. This balance has created a board with both long-term expertise and knowledge of new tools (like social media) to reach voters and educate the public. Our goal is to sustain the nearly century-old mission of the league while finding new ways to encourage new members from all age groups to join our organization.


LWV Rochester has earned the trust of the public as the premiere sponsor of candidate debates in Olmsted County.  Our Voter Service committee works hard to have all the city council, county commissioner, school board and state legislative candidates meet in face-to-face events in October of each election year.  We have been proud to work with our cosponsors, the Rochester Post Bulletin, the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and Rochester Community and Technical College.  In addition to the hundreds who attend these events, another cosponsor, the Rochester Public Library makes the debates availa

St. Louis Park

The Officers and Board of Directors plan the program schedule in August.  The Board meets once a month, usually on the first Thursday, at 7:00 p.m. in members’ homes.  Board meetings are open to all members.  See the Voter for dates and locations.

Committees will convene in early 2016 in preparation for the Annual Meeting in April.  The president will invite members to serve on a committee and a chair will be appointed for:  Nominating Committee, Budget Committee and Bylaws Committee.

Dakota County

League of Women Voters (LWV), a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Belonging to an active local LWV offers many opportunities to take part in the democratic process and strengthen our communities.