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Statehood for The District of Columbia

The 670,000+ people who live in the District of Columbia have no vote in either the House or the Senate.  Your Senators and Congressman, along with the other members of Congress, have the power to remedy this hole in our democracy.  But, many, many people in this country do not know that DC has no vote in Congress and do not understand the implications of this fact. The Distict of Columbia has more population than the states of Vermont or Wyoming, yet no voting rights in Congress. 

Golden Valley

LWV Golden Valley formed in January 1946 and recognized by LWVUS in 1948,  LWV Golden Valley serves this first-ring suburb west of Minneapolis. Golden Valley is a cityof 20,000. The current membership of LWV GV is 31 members

Perennial actvities for Golden Valley include candidate forums. LWV GV is also a participant in an independent League organization, called West Metro, a collection of 9 West Metro Leagues who gather regularly for shared program opportunities. 


League of Women Voters Bloomington is a vigorous and respected source of education about voting, campaign involvement and community issues.  We hold monthly Tasty Topics meetings for planning and reviews of our program of democratic engagement of our citizens.

Voter Registration—Leaguers register voters at our high schools, citizenship ceremonies and Farmers’ Market.  Our presence helps engage our neighbors in addressing community issues as well.

Shelley Colvin

Shelley Colvin is a member of LWV St. Louis Park. She is a substitute Middle and High School teacher with the St. Louis Park public schools. Her B.A. in Secondary Education is from Syracuse University and she holds a M. Div. Pastoral Care from Union Theological Seminary. Shelley was elected to the board in 2017 for a two-year term.