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  • 02/14/17
    Read the recent Washington Post article about the increased interest in the League of Women Voters.  Click HERE to read the article.  ...
  • 02/10/17
    Last November, Minnesotans voted on a constitutional amendment to establish a legislative pay commission. On Friday, February 10, the commission met for the second time and LWVMN was invited to present our position on the role salary plays in attracting candidates to run for office. Former LWVMN...
  • 12/08/16
    We all have a role to play in keeping our democracy strong! Here are 10 ways you can help. Read more
  • 12/06/16
    The League launched a new petition for concerned citizens to join our fight and stand with the League to ensure that elections are always free, fair and accessible. The petition states “I will work with the League to stop voter suppression tactics that threaten our democracy and the right to vote...
  • 05/03/16
    2016 Elections Are Coming - Get Engaged - Be Empowered! Read more
  • 03/04/16
    Guiding Principles for the 2016 Legislative Session The founding documents of our nation and the Minnesota Constitution establish enduring principles; chief among them are a representative government and the right to vote. As a leading democracy, our nation should keep our election system fair and...
  • 02/08/16
    Please join League of Women Voters Minnesota is attending the Secretary's Address on the State of Elections. February 25, 12-1:30pm .Secretary Simon will discuss state-wide voter outreach efforts and how you can get involved. Two workshops will be offered, one on Election Judges and the other on...
  • 12/08/15
    Our partners Nonprofit Vote have completed their study on the impact of voter registration/outreach amongst nonprofit organizations. LWV Minnesota teamed with several organizations to increase voter registration and GOTV activities.                                  Read more
  • 12/08/15
    LWV Minnesota has prepared a briefing paper that defines what neonics are, how they are impacting honey bees, the alternative to neonics and what is presently being done to reduce their use. Read more
  • 11/13/15
    Wondering the impact of independent expenditures on our state races?  Read more
  • 09/17/15
    Last March, the rattle and thump of drums filled the foyer of Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro High School as the school’s drum corps led dozens of students out of the building and onto the sidewalks of Chicago’s South Side. The young marchers waved hand-drawn signs, laughed, chatted and chanted as...
  • 09/08/15 to 09/15/15
    Author and Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial writer and columnist Lori Sturdevant will speak at the Sept. 15 meeting of the League of Women Voters of Roseville, Maplewood and Falcon Heights.  The meeting is co-sponsored by the Ramsey County Library. Read more
  • 08/26/15 to 09/08/15
    In 1963, Betty Friedan published The Feminist Mystique, which captured the essence and energy of the first wave of feminism to fuel a new wave of feminist politics. Read more
  • 08/24/15 to 10/21/15
    MayKao Hang speaking at LWV Minnesota Convention 2015: Innovation & Inclusion. Her keynote addressed how an organization becomes culturally competent and the challenges and opportunities. Read more
  • 08/23/15
    “We’re 95 years old,” Kalil says, “but if we don’t change in certain ways we won’t see our 100th anniversary… I didn’t agree to be the state president to preside over our death. Read more