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Where We Stand

LWV Minnesota seeks to make policy changes through the process laid out by our U.S. and Minnesota Constitutions and League of Women Voters US (LWVUS). Study and consensus are the methods by which League members adopt their positions either at the national, state or local levels. For League to adopt a position, members must conduct sanctioned studies on an issue for a two-year period. The recommendations from the study are brought to the larger body for a vote, and if approved, become part of the official positions supported by LWV Minnesota. The positions formed through our study process are the basis of our advocacy work.

Local and state Leagues also provide educational forums for their communities on a variety of topics.   League members are volunteer lobbyists who spend time during the legislative sessions advocating for particular reforms and the passage of specific bills. While League of Women Voters never supports a particular candidate or party, members do advocate for our adopted positions.

Key Areas of Reform:

  • Economic equity for all 
  • Election integrity and access
  • Government transparency
  • Immigration reform
  • Judicial independence
  • Money in politics
  • Protecting our natural resources
  • Public education
  • Redistricting
  • Voting rights

LWV US Positions 2014-2016.

LWV Minnesota Positions 2015-2017

PDF iconHow League Derives Its Positions.pdf

PDF iconBylaws LWVMN adopted July 2016.pdf