LWVMN Testifies on Census & Redistricting at Mini-Session

In early October of 2019, the Minnesota House of Representatives held a “mini-session” in southern Minnesota on several issues. Most relevant to LWVMN, the House Elections Subcommittee held an informational hearing on census and redistricting on October 2 in Austin, MN.

LWVMN submitted written testimony along side many partners working on census on redistricting. Nick Harper, Civic Engagement Director, also provided spoken testimony. In particular, LWVMN noted that census-based funding goes towards important programs like reduced-cost and free school breakfast and lunch programs to ensure that our children do not go hungry while learning. LWVMN also noted that census-based funding was set aside for rural-specific programs that would support communities Greater Minnesota like home loans, community loans, and rental housing assistance programs.

LWVMN also testified on the importance of the redistricting process to be open and honest so members of the public can both participate in the process themselves, and also see with their own eyes that the process was a fair one.

You can read copies of all submitted written testimony and the meeting information on the legislature’s website. An audio recording of the testimony is now available. You can learn more about the census on our 2020 Census web page and in our Census Action Kit.

Nick Harper