Services for Local Leagues

What to Expect From LWVUS and LWVMN


LWV United States’ Support Role

The League of Women Voters of the United States staff works to promote the League’s mission and work at the national level, and to support over 800 state and local Leagues in their work on League priority issues within the Campaign for Making Democracy Work®.

The intended purpose of our list is to capture and demonstrate the work LWVUS does at the national level as well as to serve as a guide of the services LWVUS provides for local and state Leagues. This is a living document that will undergo updates and additions as it evolves.


LWV Minnesota’s Support Role

The value that LWVMN provides at the state level: 

  • coordinated efforts for priority issues (e.g., redistricting, AVR);

  • training for taking action on non-priority issues (through Lobby Corps); 

  • limited support for action on non-priority issues (e.g., amicus briefs);

  • training for moderators and candidate forum planners; 

  • compliance assistance with state and federal election law and IRS political activity requirements;  

  • general liability insurance coverage (for subsidiary LWVs); 

  • designing/ordering branded products and League merchandise;

  • state meetings (Convention and Council);

  • coordinated Centennial planning.

Planned for the future

  • Centralized roster and PowerMail services

  • Additional development training events

  • More pass-through grants?

  • Let us know your ideas and wish list!