Legislative Priorities


Note: The following priorities were adopted for the 2019 legislative session, which has now passed. Priorities for the 2020 legislative session will be adopted in late 2019.

The LWV Minnesota board of directors have set these priorities based on the current needs of Minnesota, their relevancy to LWV’s mission, and their urgency. For all issues related to elections, LWV Minnesota hopes that legislation will be passed on a bipartisan basis. Priorities below are listed in the order of most important/urgent to least.

However, these priorities are not set in stone; additional issues may emerge. LWV Minnesota will remain flexible to address important issues if they arise. LWV Minnesota will also be partnering with other organizations on other positions, such as conservation, health care, and housing, as our volunteer capacity allows.


Complete Census Count

Support adequate state and local action and funding to ensure a complete and accurate count of Minnesota's population in the 2020 census.


Fair District Maps

Support redistricting principles and methods that provide effective representation and prevent gerrymandering.


Election Administration & Infrastructure

Support improved election infrastructure, including increased funding for cybersecurity, clear guidance to election officials on how to execute all election laws, and increased confidence and turnout for eligible voters.


Restore the Vote

Support re-enfranchisement of individuals with past felony convictions when they are living in their communities.


Automatic Voter Registration

Support the automatic registration of eligible voters when they interact with government agencies.


Legislative Transparency

Support improving legislative rules and practices to improve transparency and public participation, including ending the use of large omnibus bills or late-session rush.


Approved by the League of Women Voters Minnesota Board of Directors on November 27, 2018.


The LWV Minnesota Board of Directors also approved formal coalitions with the following partners, and we will continue to work with other organizations on an informal basis as needed.