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About the Exhibit

A Century of Civic Engagement: League of Women Voters Minnesota

To celebrate the 19th Amendment’s centennial year, LWV Minnesota created a traveling exhibit to recognize the organization’s mission and history over the past century. Exhibit visitors will discover that:

“Growing from the deep roots of the suffrage movement in the 19th century, Minnesota’s non-partisan League of Women Voters uses a statewide network of local chapters to encourage informed and active participation in government, register and empower voters, work to increase understanding of public policy issues, cultivate women leaders, and influence public policy through education and advocacy."

Specifically, the goals of the 12-panel exhibit are: 

  • To recognize and celebrate a century of activism by LWV Minnesota

  • To recall our history through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion

  • To activate visitors to educate themselves and to vote

  • To remind visitors that democracy depends on their participation

  • To empower visitors to act in defense of democracy

Reserve the Exhibit

Reservations are available

Requests for dates are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please coordinate with others so you are only filling the form out once per League/event.


A $500 security deposit will be needed to secure your reservation. Exception: no deposit required for local Leagues under the LWVMN legal umbrella. Please inquire if you need to confirm your League’s status.

Elizabeth Dillenburg, our traveling exhibit coordinator, will collect your check three months prior to your reservation date. Please do not send a check until contacted to do so. We will hold your check and return it at the end of your exhibition period, if all panels are in their original condition.

Frequently Asked


What does the exhibit look like?

The complete exhibit consists of 12 free-standing panels (high-quality, retractable banners). The photo at right shows some of the exhibit panels in both a back-to-back and square arrangement.

What is the recommended hosting timeframe?

Three weeks. The purpose of this exhibit is to be seen in as many locations around the state as possible in 2019 and 2020. It is not intended to be a resident exhibit. That said, there are cases where an organization or venue may have cause to host for longer; if so, please contact Elizabeth to inquire about availability.

How much space will I need in order to display it?

The recommended arrangement is all panels in a straight line, back-to-back (two rows of 6 panels each). For this setup, 20-25 feet would be needed, plus walking space around it. Each panel is approximately 3 feet wide x 7 feet high. There is a specific beginning panel and a specific ending panel, but the order for the remaining panels is not important.

What if my venue is small or not usually intended for displays?

In venues with limited space, the exhibit can be split up into smaller sections or clusters (squares, triangles, etc.), as long as ALL panels are present in the exhibit. No partial displays are allowed.

Does it cost anything to host the exhibit?

No, the exhibit is free to host (aside from the $500 security deposit mentioned above).

However, we will ask that you maintain a table next to the exhibit, which will include collecting responses submitted by guests in our "ballot box," displaying a stack of LWVMN handouts, and refilling our free pin giveaway feature. These LWVMN materials will be provided to you along with the exhibit. We will also provide a table drape but ask that you provide the 6' or 8' table. You are welcome to display additional items (brochures, local memorabilia, etc.) on the table.

Does the exhibit require additional lighting or electricity?

Additional lighting is at the discretion of the venue and it would be their responsibility to ensure all of the panels are well-lit and easy to read. No electricity is needed for the exhibit itself.

Will there be a table top display for physical objects accompanying the exhibit?

No, LWVMN is only creating the panels for the exhibit, but we delightfully encourage local Leagues to gather up their own historical items and artifacts to display alongside the exhibit! This is a great way to bring local flavor and interest to your event, and to celebrate your League's unique history.

Can this exhibit be included with a larger exhibit or event we already have planned?

Yes! We encourage you to take this opportunity to spotlight the suffrage history or women specific to your community, adding artifacts or additional panels to our exhibit. We will also have companion programming ideas in the Centennial Toolkit that will come with the traveling exhibit. You may also request a copy of the Toolkit in advance (it should be ready in May 2019).

Are the panels heavy?

No, each panel is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The banners can be pulled up by one person, as long as that person is tall enough to secure the support pole in the correct position. Instructions will be provided to ensure a smooth setup and to minimize chances of banners snapping back into the base.

Do I need to partner with a local League or can I host the exhibit independently?

While we encourage Leagues to partner with their local historical societies, libraries, etc. to showcase the exhibit, any organization may request dates and become a host. Affiliation with LWV is not necessary.

Can I move exhibit to different locations during the time I have it reserved?

No, the exhibit must be reserved separately for each location. If you have multiple events/locations that fall within your date range, please contact us to discuss an appropriate solution.

Will there be any marketing information available to advertise the exhibit?

Yes, we are working on a promotional/informational piece for hosts to use. Stay tuned!

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please email Elizabeth Dillenburg, our Traveling Exhibit Coordinator, at

Join Our T.E.A.M.

T.E.A.M. = Traveling Exhibit Ace Movers

The T.E.A.M. is a squad of volunteers responsible for transporting the exhibit from one location to the next as it moves around the state, assisting in the setup and take-down, and generally being a centralized contact for venues and Leagues alike. LWVMN will cover mileage expenses for our T.E.A.M. members. Training will be provided in June 2019.

If you are interested in being part of this group, please click the button below and let us know!